The Catanzaro Exchange: Serrastretta 1826

1826 Serrastretta (Catanzaro) Italy

This year of Act of Solemn Promises (marriage banns) has no index available. The first table is the index which will contain the atto (act) number. The second table is by atto number that you can click on to see the scanned image of the actual record. These records were kindly scanned by James Bianco of The Carini Exchange.

Act of Solemn Promise By Atto Number
Act 01 Act 02 Act 03 Act 04
Act 05 Act 06 Act 07 Act 08
Act 09 Act 10 Act 11 Act 12
Act 13 Act 14 Act 15 Act 16
Act 17 Act 18 Act 19 Act 20