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You will find an extensive collection of vital records of the residents of the various Comuni in Catanzaro Province here.

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Currently the towns featured on this site are:
San Michele

State Civil Records (Stato Civile)

Updated: January 26, 2009

On this site will be the Stato Civile records of various comuni in Catanzaro Province. This site will host extractions and actual images of the documents for the time period covering 1809-1910. These stato civile records include atto di nascita (birth acts), pubblicazioni (publications which are marriage banns), atto di morte (death acts) and atto di matrimonio (act of marriage).

Soon we will also have records for several other towns. To view the index of what is currently available, click here.

Prior to the 1990's The 3 Provinces known today as Vibo Valentia, Crotone and Catanzaro were all contained within a single Province - Catanzaro. Because of this, records from the province which is known as Vibo Valentia today are included here. You can view a list of all towns in modern day Catanzaro Province linked to the town's official websites here. The modern day Vibo Valentia page can be viewed here.

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